A selection of our work​​​
  1. Old Buried Patio
    Old Buried Patio
    After clearing all the weeds to find the old patio it was just the matter of removing it and preping for the new stones
    New Haw Surrey
  2. New Patio
    New Patio
    New Geometric design Patio the the client sourced from ebay . Nice man made stones with a complicated pattern.
    New Haw Surrey
  3. The 80m Garden of Weed
    The 80m Garden of Weed
    After 5 long hard weeks the garden was designed cleared and finished
    Oxshott Surrey
  4. The 80m garden of weeds before
    The 80m garden of weeds before
    The Client had only recently bought the property and focused on the extension first. After calling us we knew this wild huge space would be hard work but we could return it to it former glory.
    Oxshott Surrey
  5. Picket fence
    Picket fence
    The client wanted a picket fence along the whole front of the property closing in the front garden and drive to stop her little dogs running off.
  6. Picket fence
    Picket fence
    Hedges trimmed back , fence erected with single picket gate and double picket driveway gate installed.
  7. Red cedar Fenceing
    Red cedar Fenceing
    The client was needing a nice looking fence but had no idea of what she could have , she was just certain it had to look better than the overlap or closeboard variety.
    Cobham Surrey
  8. Red cedar fencing
    Red cedar fencing
    After the initial discussion and the introduction to cedar slats , the client got very excited and loved the final result.
    Cobham Surrey
  9. Old for new
    Old for new
    The fence had deteriorated over time so needed replacing along with the posts.
    Weybridge Surrey
  10. Old for new
    Old for new
    All post replaced and new panels installed
    Weybridge Surrey
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